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Providing a Professional and Confidential Service

Available Services in Brief

Construction of professional cvs for use in all markets, cover letters for specific response to advertised job opportunities and generic for application to recruitment agencies and potential employers, e-adverts for placement on e-media platforms and proof reading/editing of reports, personal applications, motivational letters,testimonials and any other documents.  A four A4 page pdf document is available on Interview Skills and Techniques.


Jenni Ferguson

Contacts – (+263) 712215897 or 778393777, email, Office : Juliasdale, Zimbabwe


Born in 1960, educated in Harare and after completion of a commercial college course was asked to join the staff, managing and teaching the Executive Secretarial Course.  During this time I wrote some of the subject material and oversaw the teaching staff and course work at their sister college.  In senior personnel and head of administration capacities for a large food processing company at the age of 22, I was responsible in the latter position for managing 60 members of staff in 3 departments.  Thereafter, I joined an international tobacco merchant as Personal Assistant to the Chairman and Directors for two tobacco seasons.  I continued to be involved in adult teaching, and tutored shorthand classes privately for some years.

Due to my experience within the HR discipline, I found myself securing employment as a Consultant for various recruitment agencies and discovered that this work was enormously satisfying and at the age of 30 had finally made my career choice.  I set up Ferns Employment in 1990 and operated this company with a change in name to EmployConsult in 2007, making the decision to close the business in 2009.  While owning the employment agency, I secured one of three franchises for a newly formed company involved in the wireless communications industry.

After this, I deviated markedly from HR and set up and continue to operate a small truck hire business which is based in Harare.  During this time I found myself writing cvs for friends and for various individuals referred to me.  I once again found the human aspect of the work very rewarding, particularly when the individuals I was assisting found employment – some after several months of not being called for interviews.  It also became evident that there was a need for this type of service and an opportunity to formalize this ‘hobby’ into a business.  This I did in early 2015, and the client base has grown since then from local Zimbabwean to regional and international work.

I possess previous adult teaching experience, have been an employer of mid- to senior-level staff for over 25 years, have an understanding of the employment industry locally, regionally and abroad and have developed a very good knowledge of the requirements of a resume document.

Overview of Clients

Individuals from varied walks of life with diverse nationalities, ages, levels of education and work experience.  Current and previous clients are resident or looking for employment in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.  A number of the local Zimbabwean recruitment agencies and a recruitment facilitator in Dubai refer their job registrants to me for construction of professional cvs.

Contact me for more information and how to proceed.

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Services in Detail

Curriculum Vitae : an initial teleconsultation to discuss requirements, target market, queries and other points; followed by a rewrite of existing cv or construction of new cv in draft, for revisions by you.  Production of draft cvs will continue until you are completely satisfied with the result.  cvs can be produced for use within the Zimbabwean, regional or international market in employment applications, for immigration authorities or for college, university and scholarship applications.  I have had experience with the production of cvs for donor funded organisations based worldwide and tailoring cvs to meet the expectations of specialised employers such as cruise liner companies.

e-adverts : for placement on e-media platforms including pay-to-publish advertising forums and advertising mail-shots.

Cover Letters : to attach to cv for advertised job opportunities which respond specifically to the education and work experience requirements, job functions and other expectations.   A cover letter can also be produced in generic form to use as a mail-shot to potential employers together with those that are not of a personal nature to scholarship committees, immigration authorities and others.

Proof Reading/Editing : to ensure best layout, context, grammar and spelling of personal testimonials, motivational letters, reports, presentations and any other documents.

Interview Skills and Techniques : four A4 page pdf Document with titles – 1) interview preparation, 2) the interview, 3) answering and asking questions, 4) interview closure, 5) after the interview, 6) interview do’s and don’ts and 7) single vs panel interviews.


Curriculum Vitae from initial consultation to finalised single cv document US$30-40 dependent on work to be done.

Curriculum Vitae Updates for new employment(s) and other changes US$10-15 (only if I provided the original service).

e-adverts (5 lines) US$5.

Cover Letters for Job, University and College Applications US$20-35 dependent on type.

Proof Reading/Editing US$35-60 dependent on length of document.

Interview Skills and Techniques US$15 per document.

Contact Details

Jenni Ferguson
Mobiles : (+263) 712215897, (+263) 778393777 (whatsapp)
email :
Office Address : Sanyatwe Valley, Juliasdale, Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe